April 24, 2011

{Project} A Vase Renewed

Had enough of those boring, over-used vases in your home? You want something new but just can't cough up the money to buy one? Don't worry, we may have the solution for you! Using materials that could be found laying around your home, here's an easy, budget-friendly way to spruce up those tired vases.

Using leftover twine (as we did to the right) or even scraps from your knitting projects, you can change your vases in seconds. Plus, the process to create it is not complicated. Just simply wrap the lonely vase with any desired "string", glue the tips securely to the vase, and tie a cute knot to finish.

I hope you enjoyed this easy and cheap way to get a new vase from materials that could just be collecting dust in your home. Until next time, enjoy the rest of your Easter holiday!

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